LinksPlus-WebLinks API (11-19) UK

LinksPlus-WebLinks API (11-19) UK image

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 We have added a new service, an API, to our LinksPlus and WebLinks Online services.

 The API is an Application Programming Interface that allows a library catalogue system

 with federated searching ability to search our online database.

12 month subscription. Contact us for a free trial.

Note: We are happy for subscribers to swap from another format of our

subscriptions to the API. 

for administration costs.

Features include:   

•Alternative to MARC records

•Federated searching

•Uses our online database

•Requires a unique key

•Database updated continuously

•No need to upload and maintain

•Ask your catalogue supplier

•Works with Oliver V.5 Federated Search Module and Access-it library software.

•Same price as our other services